Pathankot Road, Gurdaspur 01874-222240,99155-36291

Our Services :
   (1) Mechanical Services
               a. Engine service available on all type of latest vehicles
               b. Engine overhauling by latest techniques and by expert technician
               c. Suspension overhauling of all vehicles
               d. Air condition services and repairs
               e. Wheel balancing
               f. Wheel alignment
(2) Accidental Services  
              1 Accidental repair of all type of vehicles
              2 Cash less facility available of various insurance companies Such as reliance,bharti axa, future general, tata aig etc
              3 Availability of genuine body parts n mechanical parts
              4 Painting booth available of better paint quality
              5 Mig welder available for better welding jobs
(3) Extras                      
              a. Vehicle washing by pressure washer
              b. Vehicles dry cleaning and vacuum cleaning
(4) Technical education 
             a. We offers various courses in technical education Such as diesel mechanics,welders, auto electrician affiliated with dr cv raman university.
(5) Modification             
            a. we modify vehicles such as jeeps and other classic cars And our first modified Mahindra 550 converted as torpedo


"the best quality of tools and services men are here for better customer satisfaction.”
manider gurdaspur
“the washing is very good as compaired to other car washing centres at gurdaspur.”
sourabh gupta